Through Thick and Thin


Marriage is like a beautiful butterfly; it’s beauty is unmatched if it is in harmony flying through the air, but if it gets harmed or rubbed the wrong way it may never fly again.

Marriage is wonderful if the couple is thriving together, communicating, and pleasing one another. Though a time always comes when feelings are hurt, or the excitement goes away that was once there, or heaven forbid unfaithfulness happens. All these thing can really hurt a marriage, especially if you don’t take the wedding vows serious.  Some marriages will never fly again once hurt, because people don’t like to forgive, especially if the hurt was deep.  I know from experience how hard to it is to forgive the one you loved so much. Everything within you is screaming no, because we stray from pain and we don’t want to feel that hurt again. But this is where you must dig in and find the innermost strength that you have and press on, through the thick and get back to the thin. Now I’m not saying stay in an abusive relationship by no means, you have to protect yourself.

Some times you may have to go back to the caterpillar and cocoon stage and rebuild the foundation of the marriage to see it fly as a beautiful butterfly again. Don’t be afraid to do this or ask for help on this, marriage counseling can be a great thing and it shouldn’t be anything that should be shameful. So when the road gets hard, just hang on through the thick and the thin will soon make an appearance. Love will see you through.



Author: Michaela

I'm a mommy and a wife just trying to live the simple life.

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